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Qd Time Control XTP Click to view Demo Form Are you painstakingly entering time values manually to your form's time fields? Would you like to enter and display time values in a quicker manner? The...
01-19-2022 2 Download
File Size 189.6kB
Qdabra Forms Training Fall 2021 Thank you for your interest in Qdabra Forms Training. To access the labs and forms for this class, click download above to access the Course Directory form. This form allows...
01-13-2022 4 Download
Please click on DOWNLOAD above to obtain the package for Qdabra's DBXL Migration Tool (Document Deployer) v3.5. Recent updates to this tool adds ability for users to migrate large number of documents...
09-14-2021 24 Download
File Size 905.1kB
FormsDesigner On-Premises App Download the latest FormsDesigner App here. Follow this guide for deployment to FormsViewer. If you encounter an issue that is not covered in this document, please contact...
07-19-2021 39 Download
FormsDesigner On-Premises Deployment Guide This document explains the steps to deploy FormsDesigner to the FormsViewer App in an On-Premise environment. If you encounter an issue that is not covered in...
07-09-2021 56 Download
File Size 716.7kB
How to upgrade from DBXL v3.3 to DBXL v3.4 If you are a current DBXL v3.3 customer and wish to upgrade to DBXL v3.4, please follow the steps in this document. If you have any questions that is not covered...
06-29-2021 31 Download
File Size 269.8kB
How to Configure a License in DBXL DBXL comes with a trial license. If you decide to purchase DBXL, you will receive a license file via email. When you add that license to DBXL, it will replace the trial...
06-29-2021 29 Download
File Size 258.4kB
Query SQL Data using DBXL Web Service The purpose of this document is to guide form designers in using DBXL’s QueryDB Web Service to query data from a SQL database. You can auto-generate the queries using...
06-23-2021 52 Download
File Size 640.6kB
How to Configure Reminder Emails in DBXL New for DBXL version 3.4, reminders allow you to re-send email mappings based on additional conditions or time frames. You can even use the new SendReminders feature...
06-01-2021 34 Download
File Size 588.9kB
How To Setup SharePoint External Sharing To allow Qdabra resources to enter your site and make some changes in your forms, you need to enable external sharing in SharePoint. This document will show you...
05-30-2021 40 Download
File Size 544.1kB
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