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FormsViewer Training Oct 2020 Thank you for your interest in Qdabra’s FormsViewer v5.2 Training. To access the labs and forms for this class, we encourage you to use the Course Directory form. This...
10-19-2020 48 Download
File Size 5.1kB
Authy XTP Twilio’s Authy lets you easily build an additional measure of security into your login or verification process with two-factor authentication. Use the Qdabra Authy XTP to secure your form when...
09-07-2020 23 Download
File Size 93.2kB
DBXL XTP You can use this XTP to convert your existing Query DB data connections to use QueryDBWithUserKey service instead. The package includes: 1. The DBXL XTP 2. Doc#1: How to Add a Template Part in...
09-06-2020 25 Download
File Size 1.5MB
This document will show you how to query the SharePoint Term Sets using qRules and display them in your form. See our webinar where we presented this technique for more information. Last Updated: 2020...
09-01-2020 14 Download
File Size 685.3kB
How to Generate a User Key in DBXL This document will show you the steps to generate a user key in DBXL. If you encountered an issue that is not discussed in this document, please contact support@qdabra...
08-18-2020 19 Download
File Size 353kB
This document includes the steps for updating FormsViewer's S2S signing certificate for communication with SharePoint.
07-20-2020 22 Download
How to Add Buttons that open URLs This document explains the steps for how to add custom code to your forms to make their buttons open URLs. See our September 7, 2017 webinar for an in-depth look at how...
06-10-2020 49 Download
File Size 295.3kB
How to Configure a License in DBXL DBXL comes with a trial license. If you decide to purchase DBXL, you will receive a license file via email. When you add that license to DBXL, it will replace the trial...
05-13-2020 42 Download
File Size 258.4kB
FormsViewer Topology Download this document to know more about FormsViewer Topology. Last Update: 2020-05-05
05-05-2020 43 Download
File Size 103.3kB
Multi-Selection List Box Solution Multiple-Selection List Boxes are not currently supported. Replace the multiple-selection list box control in your form with a dropdown control in a repeating section...
05-04-2020 86 Download
File Size 6kB
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