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The Address Block template part contains the fields: Address, City, State, and Zip Code. Add the template part in your solutions that use address blocks in a few clicks. It saves you time in designing...
02-19-2009 1,599 Download
File Size 11.2kB
The Advanced Contact Template Part contains a section for Company information, and a repeating section for Contacts information. This is especially useful if you want to keep a record of contact persons...
02-18-2009 1,411 Download
File Size 11.2kB
The Contact Block template part contains a section for Name, and optional ones for Home and Work information. This is especially useful if you want to keep a record of numerous contacts in one place. Save...
02-19-2009 1,247 Download
File Size 11.2kB
When creating InfoPath solutions, one of the most important aspects is the visual design. This includes making sure that the layout, fonts, colors, white spaces, and most especially, the branding, are...
12-23-2009 1,821 Download
File Size 678kB
This template part allows you to show or hide sections in your form. It is often useful in forms that have Help sections or those that have details that make the form look crowded and untidy. This is what...
02-18-2009 1,557 Download
File Size 11.2kB
This document details how you can add a template part (XTP) in your InfoPath form template. To obtain the document, click DOWNLOAD above. Qdabra provides many InfoPath Template Parts that you could use...
01-31-2019 582 Download
File Size 510.5kB
This XML Template Part can easily be added to your form to give it a "history section" or a log of changes to your form. Works with InfoPath 2007.
10-28-2010 1,359 Download
File Size 11.1kB
This XML Template Part can be added to your 2010 InfoPath form to allow you to add submit-level change-tracking to your form.
10-28-2010 1,493 Download
File Size 11kB
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