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This document describes some common issues encountered while using DBXL v2.5. You can download a trial of DBXL v2.5 by going to the Product page on Qdabra.com . Click DOWNLOAD above to obtain this document...
04-01-2011 3,903 Download
File Size 1.1MB
The People Picker allows us to select users from the company directory. But the People Picker control in InfoPath 2010 has two important limitations. First, it does not query for the user’s email. Second...
08-03-2012 3,770 Download
File Size 439.1kB
Imagine that your InfoPath form, which submits to DBXL, needs to make sure that there are no duplicate records. Using the web method QueryDocumentNodeSet, we can quickly check whether DBXL already contains...
03-06-2012 2,928 Download
File Size 953kB
This document will provide a brief overview of the various options that allow you to integrate DBXL with SharePoint. Throughout the document we will reference documents that are available on Qdabra.com;...
04-01-2011 2,829 Download
File Size 788.8kB
[Japanese document] この文書には、DBXL v2.4 のインストール手順を記しています。 【目次】 システム要件; インスタレーション; インストール後; トラブルシューティング; サポート;
01-17-2012 2,562 Download
File Size 599kB
When running under SharePoint claims authentication, InfoPath browser forms cannot impersonate the caller when accessing web services, whether they are SharePoint services (e.g. UserProfileService.asmx...
12-20-2011 2,333 Download
File Size 343.9kB
The QueryDB web service, included in Qdabra's Database Accelerator (DBXL), allows you to obtain data from SQL tables and use it in your InfoPath forms. This document is the User Guide for anyone interested...
04-01-2011 2,302 Download
File Size 943.1kB
Qdabra's Database Accelerator (DBXL) allows you to create customized mappings between your XML documents and a SQL database. This document will cover the following: Database Mapping for a non-repeating...
01-17-2012 2,292 Download
File Size 1.2MB
This document contains a list of known issues, troubleshooting hints and workarounds for a variety of issues related to Qdabra’s DBXL. If you would like to download a trial version of DBXL, please visit...
10-02-2013 2,284 Download
File Size 1.1MB
This document describes the installation instructions for DBXL v2.5. Both the server and client versions are covered. You can download a trial of DBXL v2.5 by going to the Product page on Qdabra.com ....
04-01-2011 2,192 Download
File Size 1015.9kB
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