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Available Versions JScript VBScript VB.NET C# V1 ü SP1 ü ü Techniques Demonstrated: Use an HTML task pane to display dynamic, rich (HTML) help. Dynamically update help as focus field changes...
09-01-2006 4,724 Download
File Size 26.8kB
Available Versions JScript VBScript VB.NET C# V1 ü SP1 ü Techniques Demonstrated: Preserve Code Block. Populating a drop-down list box via script. Populating a drop-down list box from repeating...
09-01-2006 9,036 Download
File Size 22.8kB
Available Versions JScript VBScript VB.NET C# V1 SP1 ü Techniques Demonstrated: Paged information using Master-Detail table. Show total number of items, total number of pages, and current page. Specify...
09-01-2006 2,859 Download
File Size 11.8kB
Available Versions JScript VBScript VB.NET C# V1 ü SP1 ü ü Techniques Demonstrated: Reordering table rows via script. Table row numbering with an Expression Box. Miniature arrow buttons...
09-01-2006 3,070 Download
File Size 33.4kB
This sample form has the Qdabra Change History XTP added to it, and a manual modification to the manifest file to allow setting the last open row in the history from a button click, with the button outside...
09-21-2012 1,067 Download
File Size 7.4kB
Here's an enhanced sample that I built after receiving a question during our July 4th, 2013 webinar. Please save to your desktop and right click and choose Design to view the template. I've added...
07-05-2013 4,191 Download
File Size 8.3kB
Updated slide deck and blog here:
03-04-2014 3,288 Download
File Size 3.8MB
Please click on DOWNLOAD above to obtain the package for Qdabra's DBXL Migration Tool (Document Deployer) v2.4. Last updated on March 23, 2011 . This tool is forward-compatible with DBXL v2.5. DOCUMENTATION...
02-07-2009 1,487 Download
File Size 691.6kB
Using the DBXL Migration Tool you can extract attachments from your InfoPath forms. This means you can extract the attachments included in your forms and store them in a separate location, such as a SharePoint...
01-13-2012 2,042 Download
File Size 789.7kB
Qdabra’s Active Directory Standalone Tool, like the Active Directory Web Service within Database Accelerator (DBXL), contains various methods, which are described in this PDF document. Click DOWNLOAD above...
07-13-2010 4,607 Download
File Size 1.3MB
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