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One of the advanced commands in qRules is the SaveToSharePoint command. This allows users to save a file, a set of files, an image, or a set of images to a SharePoint Document Library. This document details...
03-28-2009 3,979 Download
File Size 712.1kB
This sample form demonstrates a few techniques for copying repeating data between data sources in InfoPath using qRules. All secondary data sources are included as XML with the form. The form is injected...
02-15-2012 1,664 Download
File Size 84.9kB
Add a change history group to your form to track changes. This XML Template Part is a control. Download it and add it to your Designer using the Add Custom Controls. After you have added it to the custom...
05-08-2011 1,347 Download
File Size 10.4kB
This form sample uses preceding-sibling to default a new row in a repeating table to the values in the row immediately prior. It also has a row counter that combines preceding-sibling with the count function...
04-29-2009 3,111 Download
File Size 5.5kB
This form sample uses a little bit of code to take the value of a text box and on the click of the button export the form to pdf. The form needs to be full trust for this to work and you need to have the...
04-29-2009 3,094 Download
File Size 26.7kB
This form sample has an expression box that multiplies two items on each row of a repeating table for a line total, and then uses the eval() function to create a grand total for all the line items.
04-29-2009 1,683 Download
File Size 5.4kB
This sample shows how to implement cascading dropdowns in the InfoPath Forms Server solution
04-30-2009 8,319 Download
File Size 16.1kB
Available Versions JScript VBScript VB.NET C# V1 ü SP1 ü ü Techniques Demonstrated: Use an HTML task pane to display dynamic, rich (HTML) help. Dynamically update help as focus field changes...
09-01-2006 4,704 Download
File Size 26.8kB
Updated slide deck and blog here:
03-04-2014 3,265 Download
File Size 3.8MB
Sample form to demonstrate how to swap Active Directory alias and name in-place in the view for those with tight space requirements. PLEASE NOTE: This sample form makes use of Qdabra's Active Directory...
10-09-2009 1,834 Download
File Size 6.6kB
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