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Samples and Custom Features

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Authy XTP Twilio’s Authy lets you easily build an additional measure of security into your login or verification process with two-factor authentication. Use the Qdabra Authy XTP to secure your form when...
09-07-2020 382 Download
File Size 93.2kB
Central Flows SharePoint XTP Sneak Preview The Central Flows SharePoint’s XTP is a reusable template part which can give any form an immediate ability to have a workflow with email notifications...
01-27-2022 178 Download
File Size 2.2MB
DBXL Quickstart FormsViewer Use this XML Template Part (XTP) to quickly add DBXL functionality to your forms. Submit to DBXL Load documents from DBXL Convert non-UserKey QueryDB queries to use UserKeys...
09-06-2020 413 Download
File Size 1.9MB
Dynamic Data Connections XTP Are you having problems with going through the rigid process migrating your form's data connections to a new site? Worry no more and start adding this XTP to your forms...
08-22-2019 611 Download
File Size 2.3MB
FormsViewer Starter Template This Starter Form is a sample template that you can use as a base form in FormsViewer. Here's a quick preview: The following are the features in this form: Built-in header...
05-07-2018 694 Download
File Size 383.5kB
FVImages XTP This is a template part (XTP) that you can use to upload images to SharePoint using qRules. It has the following features: Easily upload to your document library Substitute links to the photos...
03-28-2019 566 Download
File Size 23kB
FormsViewer Validation XTP This is a template part that allows you to use the GetErrors command in FormsViewer to display validation errors in your form. With GetErrors and GetErrorCount commands, you...
07-22-2019 506 Download
File Size 534.7kB
GetUser XTP This XTP allows you to easily add the GetUserProfile service to query user information in your forms. There are two versions in the package. The GetUser XTP (or the simpler version) only returns...
02-18-2021 264 Download
File Size 49.9kB
How to Add Buttons that open URLs This document explains the steps for how to add custom code to your forms to make their buttons open URLs. See our September 7, 2017 webinar for an in-depth look at how...
06-10-2020 396 Download
File Size 295.3kB
How to Add a Template Part in InfoPath This document details how you can add a template part (XTP) in your InfoPath form template. LAST UPDATE: 2018-12-19
04-28-2021 251 Download
File Size 510.5kB
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