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DBXL Online Training Video from Feb 2014 session is here: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLUFfSqJwJ1hnMMUmt6hX8-I4drrli9ppH This play list includes 5 videos: Qdabra DBXL Training, day 1 1:09:59 Qdabra...
09-15-2014 711 Download
The first two modules of this training session will illustrate the main scenarios when using DBXL. We begin with the “classic” scenario, that is, the scenario Qdabra has recommended to its customers using...
02-28-2014 795 Download
File Size 796.9kB
Using the Event Receiver, the InfoPath form does not need to be modified to include the data connection that submits to the DBXL Web Service. The InfoPath form template submits to a SharePoint form library...
02-28-2014 806 Download
File Size 606.7kB
Using DBXL you can create mappings from your XML forms to your SQL tables. In order to execute the steps in this document, you will need an InfoPath form that submits to DBXL. Luckily, we have already...
02-28-2014 1,027 Download
File Size 852.8kB
Active Directory includes a wealth of information about your company’s organization. This module will show you how to auto-populate fields in your InfoPath form with the email address and full name of...
02-28-2014 1,021 Download
File Size 853.6kB
Using the QueryDB web service included in DBXL, we can set up our InfoPath forms to query data from SQL databases. This lab will walk you through an example.
02-28-2014 763 Download
File Size 1.1MB
In past modules we have seen how DBXL can map data to a SQL database, and how QueryDB can query data from a SQL database. What if you want to query form data DIRECTLY from the XML forms? QueryDocumentNodeSet...
02-28-2014 737 Download
File Size 2.2MB
This module contains a few tips and tricks useful for any DBXL Administrator.
02-28-2014 750 Download
File Size 573.1kB
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