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Active Directory

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If you install DBXL to Windows XP and you cannot query the Active Directory Web service (ADUserInfo.asmx) you will have to manually configure your machine’s ASP.NET account. To verify that this is the...
01-17-2012 1,061 Download
File Size 326.4kB
Qdabra’s Active Directory Standalone Tool, like the Active Directory Web Service within Database Accelerator (DBXL), contains method that allow querying your company's Active Directory. This document...
01-17-2012 1,896 Download
File Size 1.2MB
Please read this document if you are using the Active Directory web service in an anonymous scenario.
01-06-2014 836 Download
File Size 372kB
The People Picker allows us to select users from the company directory. But the People Picker control in InfoPath 2010 has two important limitations. First, it does not query for the user’s email. Second...
08-03-2012 3,730 Download
File Size 439.1kB
You can leverage the information returned by the Active Directory web service to simulate InfoPath User Roles, which are disabled in browser forms. This was presented as a Qdabra webinar and as DBXL training...
08-01-2012 1,165 Download
File Size 476kB
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