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This document will guide you through the installation of FormsViewer app.
10-29-2015 804 Download
File Size 798.9kB
This download contains the .app file and installation instructions for our public US instance of FormsViewer, for use with O365 environments. Last updated 2017-12-14
10-29-2015 573 Download
File Size 550.2kB
Here's everything you need to get FormsViewer working in a SharePoint 2013 On Prem environment. Included in the package is a document and FormsViewer release bits. After you install these bits and...
08-28-2016 521 Download
Last updated 2016-12-14
08-29-2016 469 Download
File Size 755.8kB
If you encounter a missing feature in FormsViewer, this is the first place to look for a workaround. This document contains a list of limitations, known issues, and missing features along with notes on...
08-28-2016 466 Download
File Size 748.2kB
Basic document on how to configure links to open FormsViewer from a library. Last updated: 26 December, 2017
08-02-2016 465 Download
File Size 804.4kB
This is a Starter Template that you can use for your forms in FormsViewer. It has the following features: Optimized views for desktop and mobile devices Option to switch between views Automatically load...
02-23-2017 362 Download
File Size 33.4kB
01-17-2016 362 Download
File Size 117kB
This contains sample InfoPath form and documentation which outlines the steps to set up a workflow in SharePoint that will send form approvers e-mails in which they can click an Approve or Reject link...
01-17-2016 354 Download
File Size 684.9kB
Instruction on how to install the SiteScanner App – client site install
01-17-2016 329 Download
File Size 157.2kB
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