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How to use the SaveToSharePoint command

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Posted By: Mel Clemente Views: 6,271
Date Added: 03-28-2009

One of the advanced commands in qRules is the SaveToSharePoint command. This allows users to save a file, a set of files, an image, or a set of images to a SharePoint Document Library. This document details the steps on how to create a sample form that uses the SaveToSharePoint command. Click the DOWNLOAD button above to obtain the document.

Click here to download qRules.

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Lisa Choi said:

Hello, I got everything except for step f....please advise. Is this the correct formula? f. Add a rule that sets the value of the QdabraRules secondary data source Command node to SaveToSharePoint /url=http://<SharePointSite>/<DocumentLibrary> /xpath=/my:myFields/my:Image Replace http://<SharePointSite>/<DocumentLibrary> with the URL to your Document Library. Thanks, Lisa
10-13-2009 08:26 PM

Patrick Halstead said:

Hi Lisa, Sorry for not seeing this sooner, but you need to replace <SharePointSite> and <DocumentLibrary> with paths to your SharePointSite and DocumentLibrary URLs. Good luck!
11-26-2009 03:03 AM

pjbhakta said:

Tried this. Have everything that is stated here. Have an execute button, and setting the Command field to following value. concat("SaveToSharePoint /url=http://dpsg.contoso.local/Attachments /xpath=", /my:myFields/my:FileName) Failed with following error. (Copying just the details part of the error message...) Details: Expression must evaluate to a node-set... Please advise.
02-07-2013 08:50 AM

pjbhakta said:

Never mind... figured it out. Command should be following... "SaveToSharePoint /url=http://dpsg.contoso.local/Attachments /xpath=/my:myFields/my:FileName"
02-07-2013 08:55 AM
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