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Product: DBXL v2.5 or higher. Note: screenshot corresponds to DBXL Admin Tool in v3.0 or before. v3.1 and above admin tool will appear differently
06-14-2016 276 Download
File Size 1.7MB
Although you can use the Migration Tool (a/k/a Document Deployer) to import forms into your DBXL Document Type , this process does not retain the filename. To work around this issue, Qdabra Software provides...
11-11-2013 205 Download
File Size 247.5kB
There are various ways in which indexes can be added to speed up the performance of DBXL v2.8. This document explains various scenarios and which indexes are useful in each. Last updated 7/1/2014.
07-01-2014 434 Download
File Size 495.4kB
In DBXL, there is a DocumentStats table that stores a log of the locks, unlocks, and saves of each document. This document contains a reference table for these keys. Click DOWNLOAD above to obtain the...
01-17-2012 473 Download
File Size 463.7kB
If you have a SharePoint 2013 farm running Windows Server 2012 OS with the minimal server GUI installed, you won’t have access to Internet Explorer or Windows Explorer. In situations like this, you can...
11-12-2013 201 Download
File Size 611 B
This package includes two template parts (XTPs): one for InfoPath 2007 and one for InfoPath 2010. Use this XTP in your DBXL forms if you would like to display a version history. Note that the steps in...
06-19-2013 240 Download
File Size 45.3kB
This is a .NET library for use in interacting with DBXL from .NET code. See the following blog post for more details: http://www.infopathdev.com/blogs/jimmy/archive/2012/09/18/interacting-with-dbxl-from...
09-17-2012 341 Download
File Size 63.7kB
Qdabra’s MyForms web part allows you to set up a web part page which displays the xml forms stored in DBXL. The end product is similar to a data view, but creating a data view requires installing SharePoint...
05-31-2011 487 Download
File Size 479.4kB
Office 365 (O365) browser forms don’t support forwarding authentication credentials to external Web sites. To use your O365 forms with Qdabra’s DBXL service installed on a separate site (e.g. Azure), QueryDBWithUserKey...
06-22-2015 541 Download
File Size 1.3MB
Database Accelerator allows you to keep a history of your Document Types. This includes the XSN attached to the Document Type, which is important if at any point you should need to revert to a previous...
04-01-2011 427 Download
File Size 293.3kB
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