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Qdabra's Report Builder Tool helps build queries to extract the content from your DBXL documents' XML via the QueryDocumentsNodeSet web service method which does not requere any SQL mapping. Using...
04-08-2011 542 Download
File Size 1.9MB
Qdabra's Database Accelerator (DBXL) allows you to submit XML documents via a web service. However, InfoPath is not required. You can use the web service from a ASP.NET web page. For details, click...
01-17-2012 607 Download
File Size 611.3kB
Starting with version 2.4, Qdabra’s Migration Tool provides the ability to migrate all of the documents in one document type to a newer document type, and convert those documents from one XML structure...
01-17-2012 335 Download
File Size 338.7kB
When uploading large attachments in DBXL, a time-out error is likely to occur. This error is due to the IIS maxRequestLength setting in web.config. maxRequestLength is an optional Int32 attribute. It specifies...
01-17-2012 1,343 Download
File Size 463.7kB
If you edit an existing Document Type in DBXL you’ll see a button labeled Save As in the header. This is an easy way to create a duplicate of your configuration, but under a different name. For details...
01-17-2012 377 Download
File Size 249.8kB
Qdabra's Database Accelerator (DBXL) will add processing instructions to your xml files, and this document will briefly explain how to use the information help within the PI. To obtain the document...
01-17-2012 365 Download
File Size 197.3kB
The DBXLResource API allows users to use custom XML in their DBXL Document Type Configurations. As explained in the scenarios below, this grants the user to customization flexibility. The scenarios explain...
01-17-2012 345 Download
File Size 515.8kB
Scenario There are times when we want someone not logged into the domain to be able to edit a form which needs to be submitted to DBXL. Let's say that "User A" is a person who works inside...
01-17-2012 435 Download
File Size 510.8kB
DBXL allows you assign xml documents via the QdFlow system document type. We can combine this with SQL triggers to generate on-assignment notifications. That is, when a document is assigned to a certain...
04-01-2011 821 Download
File Size 546kB
The AssignDocument command in qRules will allow you to create a QdEmailFlow assignment for a document that is stored in DBXL. This document will explain QdFlow permissions in DBXL, and includes a tutorial...
01-17-2012 533 Download
File Size 778kB
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