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In DBXL, you can configure on-assignment notifications for documents submitted, with assignment, to the DBXL web service. For additional details, please read the document titled “Using on-assignment notifications...
01-15-2012 751 Download
File Size 279kB
Once you have DBXL up and running, you might be interested in monitoring any event log errors that are recorded during usage. The attached document shows you how to set up email notifications that will...
04-01-2011 852 Download
File Size 402.6kB
In the past we have shown how to create a SharePoint data view to show the data stored in DBXL. Here are some references: Create a SharePoint 2010 Data View that uses GetListItems to access DBXL forms...
03-19-2013 1,053 Download
File Size 514.8kB
This tutorial allows you to create an InfoPath template part (XTP) that will lock and unlock forms that are stored in DBXL. You can reuse this XTP in any form template where you wish to provide this functionality...
01-18-2013 1,747 Download
File Size 572.1kB
This document details how you can generate a DBXL key so you can use Qdabra DBXL WithUserKey Services. To obtain the document, click DOWNLOAD above. A free trial of DBXL is available on Qdabra.com .
01-31-2019 108 Download
File Size 487.2kB
Imagine that your InfoPath form, which submits to DBXL, needs to make sure that there are no duplicate records. Using the web method QueryDocumentNodeSet, we can quickly check whether DBXL already contains...
03-06-2012 2,507 Download
File Size 953kB
Product: DBXL v2.5 or higher. Note: screenshot corresponds to DBXL Admin Tool in v3.0 or before. v3.1 and above admin tool will appear differently
06-14-2016 276 Download
File Size 1.7MB
There are various ways in which indexes can be added to speed up the performance of DBXL v2.8. This document explains various scenarios and which indexes are useful in each. Last updated 7/1/2014.
07-01-2014 434 Download
File Size 495.4kB
This is a .NET library for use in interacting with DBXL from .NET code. See the following blog post for more details: http://www.infopathdev.com/blogs/jimmy/archive/2012/09/18/interacting-with-dbxl-from...
09-17-2012 341 Download
File Size 63.7kB
Office 365 (O365) browser forms don’t support forwarding authentication credentials to external Web sites. To use your O365 forms with Qdabra’s DBXL service installed on a separate site (e.g. Azure), QueryDBWithUserKey...
06-22-2015 541 Download
File Size 1.3MB
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