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This document is an update to the previous blog entry that demonstrates the steps on how to use the Document Deployer tool to deploy your DBXL solutions. Click the DOWNLOAD button above to obtain the document...
01-12-2009 1,055 Download
File Size 348kB
Your DBXL document type might contain a SharePoint mapping. How should you deal with SharePoint mappings while using the Migration Tool? This document lists both options.
07-13-2011 477 Download
File Size 433.4kB
Document Deployer allows you to backup and restore your data, as well as migrating DBXL solutions from one DBXL instance to another. However, it also allows you to import XML documents that are not yet...
09-11-2009 736 Download
File Size 260.7kB
Using the DBXL Migration Tool you can extract attachments from your InfoPath forms. This means you can extract the attachments included in your forms and store them in a separate location, such as a SharePoint...
01-13-2012 1,167 Download
File Size 789.7kB
The DBXL Migration Tool (also known as the Document Deployer) allows you to export and import DBXL Document Types and their documents. If your DBXL Document Type submits using keys, the Migration Tool...
01-15-2012 321 Download
File Size 381kB
The Qdabra DBXL Administration Tool (DAT) allows you to quickly reshred all documents from a document type: 1. Open the configuration for the document type by clicking the Edit icon 2. Select the Documents...
10-19-2014 319 Download
File Size 188.8kB
Starting with version 2.4, Qdabra’s Migration Tool provides the ability to migrate all of the documents in one document type to a newer document type, and convert those documents from one XML structure...
09-06-2010 459 Download
File Size 338.7kB
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