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With FormsViewer's new List Form functionality added in version 2.4, it is now possible to design a single list form and use it on lists across multiple SharePoint sites. The steps in this document...
02-21-2018 212 Download
File Size 521.1kB
A snippet is an HTML representation of a SharePoint component or control such as a navigation bar or a Web Part. By using a Snippet, you can quickly add a FormsViewer – InfoPath form to your SharePoint...
02-05-2018 214 Download
File Size 1.1MB
This package contains details on how to send login verification codes in email or SMS using FormsViewer. Watch the video presentation here:
02-02-2018 267 Download
File Size 3.8MB
FormsViewer forms can capture camera images and upload them to a SharePoint library. Capturing camera images is great for mobile integration. Uploading images to SharePoint and replacing with links in...
08-31-2017 264 Download
File Size 673.2kB
Starting with FormsViewer v2.2, you can build custom controls (with code) that respond to user input and read-write form data. This How-To shows how to create a signature control for mobile devices. Also...
08-31-2017 402 Download
File Size 676.5kB
This documentation is a step by step guide to help you design an InfoPath dashboard form which performs a bulk editing action on an O365 environment. This guide assumes that you already have the following...
06-06-2017 787 Download
File Size 1.3MB
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05-19-2017 221 Download
File Size 113.6kB
This document details how to install FormsViewer on a SharePoint site, upload a form template, and open that form template in your browser. Updated 2018-11-02
03-24-2017 308 Download
File Size 1.8MB
Overview Sometimes you have a form and you want to show another form's data, without actually copying it into your form. In other words, you don't want to include the queried form into your form...
03-23-2017 345 Download
File Size 636.8kB
One Lock to Rule Them All (with History!) Use a list and form logic to prevent overwrites caused by “last writer wins” Locks form on open or indicates locked status and by whom Verifies the form is still...
03-15-2017 552 Download
File Size 521.6kB
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