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This download contains the .app file and installation instructions for our public US instance of FormsViewer, for use with O365 environments. Last updated 2017-12-14
10-29-2015 863 Download
File Size 550.2kB
This download contains the .app file and installation instructions for our public Europe instance of FormsViewer, for use with O365 environments. Updated 26 December, 2017
08-25-2016 599 Download
File Size 550.2kB
Here's everything you need to get FormsViewer working in a SharePoint 2013 On Prem environment. Included in the package is a document and FormsViewer release bits. After you install these bits and...
08-28-2016 762 Download
FormsViewer Known Issues and Workarounds If you encounter a missing feature in FormsViewer, this is the first place to look for a workaround. This document contains a list of limitations, known issues...
08-28-2016 932 Download
File Size 332.4kB
One Lock to Rule Them All (with History!) Use a list and form logic to prevent overwrites caused by “last writer wins” Locks form on open or indicates locked status and by whom Verifies the form is still...
03-15-2017 552 Download
File Size 521.6kB
Starting with FormsViewer v2.2, you can build custom controls (with code) that respond to user input and read-write form data. This How-To shows how to create a signature control for mobile devices. Also...
08-31-2017 402 Download
File Size 676.5kB
FormsViewer forms can capture camera images and upload them to a SharePoint library. Capturing camera images is great for mobile integration. Uploading images to SharePoint and replacing with links in...
08-31-2017 264 Download
File Size 673.2kB
This is a Starter Template that you can use for your forms in FormsViewer. It has the following features: Optimized views for desktop and mobile devices Option to switch between views Automatically load...
02-23-2017 824 Download
File Size 33.4kB
03-03-2017 217 Download
File Size 265.4kB
These are the files needed to complete the steps detailed in this blog post . The zip contains the following files: Document with steps Suggestion Template Part (XTP) Suggestion Template (XSN) Sample Expense...
03-14-2017 521 Download
File Size 727kB
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