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This package contains information for Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3 of qRules training. It also contains 8 labs and other helpful information for those trying to learn more about qRules.
07-10-2013 1,686 Download
File Size 8.2MB
This file contains the labs for the Qdabra qRules training course presented in May 2014. The training videos can be viewed here: Day 1 - Introduction, qRules Template Part and Using Input Param to Transform...
06-06-2014 854 Download
This document includes a step-by-step walk through of how to install DBXL on Windows Azure. Lots of screenshots. Estimated Time: 1 hour.
10-26-2016 726 Download
File Size 3.3MB
This lab will discuss how to hook up set up DBXL Document Type and Document Level permissions. For additional information on training, please contact
04-26-2012 1,504 Download
File Size 574.7kB
Uploaded 2017-06-27 Qdabra's first FormsViewer Training class ran from June 6 through June 9, 2017. Click on the download button above to access all content for the class. Here are links to videos...
06-27-2017 614 Download
Day 2: Connect SharePoint List forms & Big Data Web Services Add List forms to FormsViewer – so you can extend them with Day 1 tech Twilio SMS text – authenticate mobile users without a...
04-05-2018 629 Download
File Size 1.8MB
In this training, we'll be teaching ways on how FormsViewer can help you migrate your InfoPath forms in a web browser and demonstrate how to create faster and simpler forms by utilizing the power of...
05-17-2018 480 Download
File Size 26.6kB
FormsViewer Training Jan 2019 In this training, we'll introduce you to FormsViewer - a tool we developed so you can retain your existing InfoPath investments by: #1 - Helping you migrate your InfoPath...
01-28-2019 385 Download
Qdabra Forms Training Fall 2021 Thank you for your interest in Qdabra Forms Training. To access the labs and forms for this class, click download above to access the Course Directory form. This form allows...
01-13-2022 198 Download
FormsViewer Training Oct 2020 Thank you for your interest in Qdabra’s FormsViewer v5.2 Training. To access the labs and forms for this class, we encourage you to use the Course Directory form. This...
10-19-2020 366 Download
File Size 5.1kB
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