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Authy XTP Twilio’s Authy lets you easily build an additional measure of security into your login or verification process with two-factor authentication. Use the Qdabra Authy XTP to secure your form when...
09-07-2020 239 Download
File Size 93.2kB
Central Flows SharePoint XTP Sneak Preview The Central Flows SharePoint’s XTP is a reusable template part which can give any form an immediate ability to have a workflow with email notifications...
01-27-2022 25 Download
File Size 2.2MB
DBXL XTP You can use this XTP to convert your existing Query DB data connections to use QueryDBWithUserKey service instead. The package includes: 1. The DBXL XTP 2. Doc#1: How to Add a Template Part in...
09-06-2020 254 Download
File Size 1.5MB
Dynamic Data Connections XTP Are you having problems with going through the rigid process migrating your form's data connections to a new site? Worry no more and start adding this XTP to your forms...
08-22-2019 464 Download
File Size 2.3MB
FVImages XTP This is a template part (XTP) that you can use to upload images to SharePoint using qRules. It has the following features: Easily upload to your document library Substitute links to the photos...
03-28-2019 435 Download
File Size 23kB
Qd AutoLogout XTP v2 Click to view Demo Form This is a template part (XTP) that you can use on your form to automatically logout inactive users after a few seconds/minutes of being idle and auto-save without...
10-16-2019 434 Download
File Size 220.5kB
Qd Form Stats XTP Record stats when a form is opened, saved, submitted, … Store data for auditing questions. For example, did user ever open this form? Track how long it takes users to fill out...
01-30-2022 15 Download
File Size 30.4kB
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