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Qd Form Stats XTP Record stats when a form is opened, saved, submitted, … Store data for auditing questions. For example, did user ever open this form? Track how long it takes users to fill out...
01-30-2022 15 Download
File Size 30.4kB
Central Flows SharePoint XTP Sneak Preview The Central Flows SharePoint’s XTP is a reusable template part which can give any form an immediate ability to have a workflow with email notifications...
01-27-2022 25 Download
File Size 2.2MB
Qd DateTime Control XTP Click to view Demo Form Are you painstakingly entering time values manually to your form's date and time fields? Would you like to enter and display time values in a quicker...
01-19-2022 21 Download
File Size 203.6kB
FormsDesigner On-Premises App Download the latest FormsDesigner App here. Follow this guide for deployment to FormsViewer. If you encounter an issue that is not covered in this document, please contact...
07-19-2021 55 Download
FormsDesigner On-Premises Deployment Guide This document explains the steps to deploy FormsDesigner to the FormsViewer App in an On-Premise environment. If you encounter an issue that is not covered in...
07-09-2021 84 Download
File Size 716.7kB
How To Setup SharePoint External Sharing To allow Qdabra resources to enter your site and make some changes in your forms, you need to enable external sharing in SharePoint. This document will show you...
05-30-2021 71 Download
File Size 544.1kB
How to Add a Template Part in InfoPath This document details how you can add a template part (XTP) in your InfoPath form template. LAST UPDATE: 2018-12-19
04-28-2021 118 Download
File Size 510.5kB
GetUser XTP This XTP allows you to easily add the GetUserProfile service to query user information in your forms. There are two versions in the package. The GetUser XTP (or the simpler version) only returns...
02-18-2021 133 Download
File Size 49.9kB
This download includes documentation for enabling the Trace Viewer in FormsViewer on premises, to view log traces and troubleshoot various issues. The provided .md file looks best when viewed in a Markdown...
02-03-2021 81 Download
This download includes documentation and supplementary files for configuring rolling log files in FormsViewer. The included .md file looks best when viewed in a Markdown viewer, but can also be viewed...
02-03-2021 80 Download
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