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Revert UDCX Tool and User Guide Thank you for downloading the Revert UDCX Tool! The goal of this document is to help you deconvert existing UDCX data connections in your InfoPath forms to a non-UDCX (regular...
04-16-2019 147 Download
File Size 978.2kB
To migrate documents from one DBXL document type to another, one would follow the following high-level steps. Each of these steps is included in this document. Click DOWNLOAD above for more details. Delete...
02-22-2019 79 Download
File Size 1.6MB
Please click on DOWNLOAD above to obtain the package for Qdabra's DBXL Migration Tool (Document Deployer) v3.2. Recent updates to this tool adds ability for users to migrate large number of documents...
02-22-2019 260 Download
File Size 900kB
This document details how you can add a template part (XTP) in your InfoPath form template. To obtain the document, click DOWNLOAD above. Qdabra provides many InfoPath Template Parts that you could use...
01-31-2019 254 Download
File Size 510.5kB
This package contains Qdabra's SharePointLibrarySync Tool - a tool that allows DBXL users to sync or upload DBXL PDF output to a SharePoint library and a guide on how to setup the tool in DBXL server...
09-04-2018 324 Download
File Size 1.6MB
Conventions used when converting XML to JSON and JSON to XML
09-22-2015 802 Download
File Size 284.9kB
XML file of Time Zones that can be used with the qRules ConvertTimeZone command.
09-14-2015 401 Download
File Size 10.5kB
Wondering why you can't publish your InfoPath form to a SharePoint custom list? This is a limitation of both InfoPath and SharePoint - you can only publish forms to a form library/document library...
09-14-2015 1,090 Download
File Size 1.4MB
The Qdabra DBXL Administration Tool (DAT) allows you to quickly reshred all documents from a document type: 1. Open the configuration for the document type by clicking the Edit icon 2. Select the Documents...
10-19-2014 460 Download
File Size 188.8kB
When a user deletes a document that was created off of a qForm-based solution, DBXL will still contain data related to the document’s assignment history. This is stored in the system document type called...
10-19-2014 555 Download
File Size 99.9kB
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