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Header-Footer Template Part

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Date Added: 12-23-2009

When creating InfoPath solutions, one of the most important aspects is the visual design. This includes making sure that the layout, fonts, colors, white spaces, and most especially, the branding, are all uniform. We can always decide how our forms look like, but for a company to have its unique identity in its InfoPath forms, it should maintain proper branding by using its own company logo.

Company logos can either be placed in the InfoPath form’s header or footer, or both. Qdabra created a template part that has header and footer sections built-in. We can just change the logo, form title, company details, etc. and start using them in our forms.

Here’s how the Header-Footer XTP looks:

Click DOWNLOAD above to obtain the template part as well as the User Guide with steps to modify the Header-Footer XTP and begin using it in your InfoPath forms.

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