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This form sample hides a row in a repeating table if an earlier row has the same value in the first field.
04-29-2009 4,345 Download
File Size 5.4kB
This zip file contains the following: Sample forms with code for copying repeating external data into a form JScript version C# version XML files that can be used as secondary data sources A tutorial for...
07-04-2008 3,582 Download
File Size 59.6kB
Available Versions JScript VBScript VB.NET C# V1 ü SP1 ü Techniques Demonstrated: Use nested layout tables (layout tables within layout tables) to modify the tab order.
09-01-2006 1,998 Download
File Size 8.4kB
In this sample, if any field in a row on a repeating table is filled out, all the fields in that row must be filled out. There is data validation on each field with the necessary conditions to evaluate...
04-29-2009 2,414 Download
File Size 4.9kB
This InfoPath sample contains Date formulas and explanations.
04-29-2009 15,820 Download
File Size 13.4kB
This form sample has four different views that show basics for working with default date values in your form as well as using substring-before and substring-after to select parts of a date or datetime...
04-29-2009 1,671 Download
File Size 12.9kB
DAT-template for Office 2013
06-28-2017 686 Download
File Size 229.5kB
DBXL v3.1 XLS to XML sample files
01-06-2017 224 Download
File Size 12kB
03-05-2015 599 Download
File Size 5.1kB
03-06-2015 434 Download
File Size 5.1kB
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