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This form sample hides a row in a repeating table if an earlier row has the same value in the first field.
04-29-2009 4,345 Download
File Size 5.4kB
Available Versions JScript VBScript VB.NET C# V1 SP1 ü Techniques Demonstrated: Filtered Master-Detail. Identify row using position(). Identify row using filtered count(preceding-sibling). Identify...
09-01-2006 3,687 Download
File Size 10.2kB
This form sample uses preceding-sibling to default a new row in a repeating table to the values in the row immediately prior. It also has a row counter that combines preceding-sibling with the count function...
04-29-2009 2,950 Download
File Size 5.5kB
This sample uses preceding-sibling to give a row number to filtered items from a secondary data source, as well as a total count.
04-29-2009 1,437 Download
File Size 5.2kB
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