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How to Use the DBXL Side-by-Side XTP

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Date Added: 01-17-2012
In DBXL v2.3 we can accomplish “Side-by-Side” by writing code in the form. However, for those that can’t add code to their form, there is a new feature in DBXL 2.4 (and later) called “Side-by-Side”. Side-by-Side refers to the architecture. Forms using this architecture can be codeless and stand alone. They stand alone because they have no DBXL DocID reference in them – they can live in SharePoint or on someone’s local disk. Codeless means that no code exists in the form – this requires adding a schema node and some form logic changes.

To simplify the form changes, Qdabra created the DBXL Side-By-Side template part. Users can add the XTP in InfoPath, and then just drag and drop to the bottom of the form. The XTP verifies that a form is not out-of-date (more recent form exists), checks if a form is locked for editing by another user (thus preventing simultaneous edits and/or submits) and retrieves DBXL information about the form.

This document details the instructions on how to add and use the DBXL Side-By-Side template part in your DBXL solutions. This method is compatible with DBXL v2.4 - v2.8.

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