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Copy SQL Values to InfoPath Repeating Section Fields using QueryDB

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Date Added: 09-10-2010

Want to copy values from your SQL table to your InfoPath form’s repeating section without code? qRules already comes with a CopyTable command. This command works well but has one big drawback: it requires that your InfoPath form’s repeating table has the same number of fields as your SQL table, and may also require the same data types. This can cause problems when the database table has columns without values or when your form has a different structure. What to do?

You can use the QueryDB web service to query your database and the qRules Insert command to add the fields. The Insert command and other rules to set values are set up in a rules loop. To stop the loop, you’ll have to add a Count field to your form that you decrement as you walk through your secondary data source setting values into your main data source, but it’s relatively easy to do.

This technique can be used for a variety of scenarios where you would like to copy repeating data from a secondary data source to your main data source and the structures don’t match.

This tutorial shows you how to set it up. Included is a sample that you can download, design and review if you don’t have time to build your own.


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