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Working with a qRules solution that uses DBXL and MOSS 2007

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Date Added: 03-29-2010

With DBXL, you can quickly integrate your solution with SharePoint and IPFS in order to create a browser-based solution. However, the challenge is that InfoPath Forms Server can only open documents from SharePoint document libraries. Connecting an existing form template with DBXL for use on IPFS can be done by using code to access the DBXL web services; but now that there’s qRules, all this can be done without the need of writing code.

Since browser forms allow users to pass in custom parameters via the URL, we will pass in the DBXL document ID (DocID) using the qRules command called GetInputParameter. If passed in, we use a data connection to DBXL to retrieve the document then replace the main DOM with the retrieved XML using the new qRules command called SwapDomWithDocument.

This document details the steps on how to configure your qRules-based solution that can submit documents to DBXL and load them in IPFS. This requires qRules v2.1 (or later) and DBXL v2.3 (or later). For creating SharePoint data views, SharePoint Designer is required.

The document outlines the following:

  • Create the data connections
  • Configure the qRules commands
  • Configure the submit command
  • IPFS-enable your form template
  • Publish your form as an admin-approved form template
  • Create an IPFS-enabled SharePoint library
  • Create a document type in DBXL
  • Test the solution
  • Create a data view to access your DBXL forms

Click on the DOWNLOAD button to obtain the document.

NOTE: For browser enabled, InfoPath 2010 form template, injected with qRules v2.4 and used on SharePoint 2010 and DBXL v2.4, please refer to this document.


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