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qRules Encryption Template Part

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Date Added: 03-23-2010
qRules v2.1 comes with new commands called Encrypt and Decrypt. These allow password-protecting your InfoPath form controls to hide sensitive data. Encryption transforms strings and attachments into a set of random characters, while Decryption reveals the original content after entering the password that's used to protect the data. Be sure to save your password(s)—Qdabra does not record them.

To get you started on using qRules encryption in your forms, Qdabra created a template part that you can easily add in your InfoPath Custom Controls and drag over to your forms. It's called the QdEncryption XTP.

Quick preview:

In the screenshot above, the user enters a password and fills out the text field, then added an image and a file attachment. Clicking on the 'Encrypt All' button yields this:

You can also encrypt/decrypt individual fields as you wish. These new commands also allow encryption of Rich Text fields, repeating data with or without XPath filters, and many others.

As an added security measure, Qdabra uses a font we called 'qDots' to hide the actual texts in the password field. This font comes with the QdEncryption XTP package. To take advantage of it, you should install the font in every machine that will use your form.

Click on the DOWNLOAD button above to obtain the package. It includes a document that details the step-by-step instructions on how to use the XTP.

For more information on using qRules to quickly add common features to InfoPath without having to hire a developer to write code, please visit our Products page.

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