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How to propagate deletes from SharePoint to DBXL

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Date Added: 04-01-2011

After creating a mapping in the SharePoint tab of the DBXL Administration Tool (DAT), documents will show up in your SharePoint library. While administrators can delete from the Documents tab in DAT, users will be able to delete documents from SharePoint. This creates a potential problem if users are in the habit of deleting documents from SharePoint: how do we keep SharePoint and DBXL in sync? To address this, Qdabra has developed a feature for which allows delete operations to propagate from SharePoint.

You can download a trial of DBXL by going to the Product page on Click DOWNLOAD above to obtain this document.

This document applies to the Integrated scenario, common in DBXL v2.7 and previous versions. Please refer to the DBXL v2.8 Deployment Guide for more information on DBXL v2.8 on SharePoint 2013.

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