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DBXL v2.6 Getting Started

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Date Added: 01-26-2012

DBXL v2.6 includes a fully configured Expense Report form that is installed by default.  The form is also mapped to SQL and upon install the necessary tables were setup in your SQL server DB.  You can use this form as is and integrate with SharePoint right away and generate Excel or SSRS reports from the installed form.  This included document type and SQL mapping can also serve as a reference for how to use DBXL and how mapping to parent and children tables in SQL works when using DBXL. The sample document type is called QdExpenseReport-Sample (see Appendix for more).

This Getting Started guide is an introductory tutorial that will show you how to quickly familiarize yourself with some of the features of DBXL and to setup the Expense Report form sample form in DBXL on your own. After completing this document you should be able to setup your own forms in DBXL and map to SQL.

This document assumes that you have already installed DBXL v2.6 (Server or Client). If you have not installed DBXL 2.6 yet please see the DBXL v2.5 Installation Guide for more details.

This tutorial uses the InfoPath 2007 Expense Report sample form. For your convenience we have packaged the form with this Getting Started document, available for download above. Although the Expense Report sample form was designed for InfoPath 2007 it will work with either InfoPath 2007 or InfoPath 2010.  Instructions for both InfoPath 2010 and InfoPath 2007 are included.

After you complete this tutorial you might have follow up questions; make sure to visit the DBXL Product page on Qdabra.com to find a list of all available documents. You can download a trial of DBXL by going to the Product page on Qdabra.com.

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