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Installation and Setup

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This document is an introductory tutorial that will illustrate the main features of DBXL v3.2. After completing this document you will be able to setup your own forms in DBXL and connect them to SQL and...
05-08-2017 129 Download
File Size 800.4kB
You may have noticed that InfoPath browser forms are slow to load first thing in the morning. If you have a form that submits to DBXL, that first submit may take 15 seconds, 20 seconds, 30 seconds and...
05-22-2014 175 Download
File Size 360.2kB
This document will show you how to add and configure a license. Please click on DOWNLOAD to obtain this document. updated on 1/13/2014
01-17-2012 522 Download
File Size 352.1kB
There are four permissions levels available in Qdabra’s Database Accelerator (DBXL): DBXL Admin, Global Level, Document Type Level and Document Level. This document will provide you with an overview of...
01-17-2012 427 Download
File Size 621.4kB
If you are having trouble uploading large documents to DBXL you might need to increase the web service timeout to allow the upload enough time to complete. This can be done on the client side with managed...
01-17-2012 571 Download
File Size 241.9kB
Qdabra's Database Accelerator (DBXL) can be installed on a load balanced environment. For details, click DOWNLOAD above. A free trial of DBXL is available on . This applies to DBXL v2.4...
01-17-2012 638 Download
File Size 488.2kB
This document provides step-by-step procedures which will guide you on installing DBXL on a Windows Vista machine. It also has a Troubleshooting section that will help Vista users to fix some common issues...
01-17-2012 424 Download
File Size 442.7kB
Database Accelerator (DBXL) can be installed by using an external configuration file via the command line. This would allow, for example, quick deployment to numerous machines. This document will explain...
04-01-2011 678 Download
File Size 325kB
This document describes the upgrade instructions for customers moving from DBXL v2.3 to Qdabra's Database Accelerator (DBXL) v2.4 . Click DOWNLOAD above to obtain this document.
01-17-2012 486 Download
File Size 584.7kB
The following error message may display in InfoPath upon opening a template from DAT (DBXL Administration Tool): The Show Details button reveals: InfoPath cannot open the selected form because of an error...
01-17-2012 1,131 Download
File Size 728.3kB
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