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FormsViewer Training Oct 2020 Complete Package

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Date Added: 10-19-2020

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FormsViewer Training Oct 2020

Thank you for your interest in Qdabra’s FormsViewer v5.2 Training.

To access the labs and forms for this class, we encourage you to use the Course Directory form. This form allows you to see the topics for each day and gives you access to download the packages.


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The following are the options for accessing this form:

  • Option #1: Click the form’s external link and authenticate using Authy.
    • Register by entering your information and click Sign Up
    • Enter the code provided by Authy or get a code via text message
  • Option #2: Deploy the form in your SharePoint site.
    • Required: Labs STP, Course Directory XSN. Download here.
    • Follow the documentation to deploy the Course Directory form to your SharePoint site.
    • Open the form in FormsViewer to verify your access.
  • Option #3: If you are not currently using SharePoint, you can either use Option 1 or simply go to the Hightail links below to download the packages


Day 1: Key Steps to using Qdabra Forms

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  • Lab 1 – Make Data Connections Dynamic
  • Lab 2 – Add GetUserProfileByName to your form
  • Lab 3 – Add Validation Feature
  • Lab 4 – Configure Submit to DBXL

Day 2: Modernize your forms

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Day 3 Automate Approval Workflows

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  • Lab 1 – Approval Links (Flow)
  • Lab 2 – Approval Links (DBXL)
  • Lab 3 – Approval XTP

Day 4 Extend your forms with new features

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  • Lab 1 – Auto logout Users
  • Lab 2 – Open links using button
  • Lab 3 – Auto refresh Queries
  • Lab 4 – Delimited List
  • Lab 5 – Limit Text Box Character

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