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FormsViewer Training Package (August 2019)

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Date Added: 08-20-2019

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FormsViewer Training August 2019

In this training, we'll introduce you to FormsViewer - a tool we developed so you can retain your existing InfoPath investments by:

#1 - Helping you migrate your InfoPath forms in a web browser

#2 - Extending your form solutions for today's business needs

#3 - Creating responsive mobile-friendly view with cascading style sheets (CSS)

#4 - Adding missing features to your forms quickly - map repeating data to lists, print PDFs, glass signatures, resize images, and many more!


We're also introducing some of the new features added in FormsViewer latest version (4.1).


Download the complete training package here.


Watch the training playlist here.


Training Contents:

Day 1

  • Review Basics
    • Deploy a sample form to your site
    • Submit and refresh repeating items to/from a SharePoint list
    • Add a responsive UI to high resolution mobile devices
    • Insert and delete rows in a repeating table with picture buttons
    • Print a PDF from your browser form
      • New Print repeating data from a list forms


Day 2

  • Add New Features
    • New Streamline processing and increase security with Authy
    • Updated Fill common gaps faster with our template part 
      • New Auto-log out inactive users and save their edits
      • Updated Speed up dev-prod pushes with dynamic data connections
      • Updated Debug your forms with a secret button in the footer 
      • Store change history for auditing
      • Upload attachments and replace with links
      • Make it easy for users to submit suggestions

Day 3

  • Validate Input / Format Output
    • New Date & Time calcs – easier formatting for humans
    • New Form Validations – enforce higher quality human input
    • Build a dashboard for process management

Day 4

  • Get Fancy
    • Prompt users for input with a popup dialog
    • Display an overlay on top of your form with details or a choice
    • Resize images using a new AlterImage command




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