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Bulk Assignment Tool

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Date Added: 08-20-2008

The Bulk Assignment tool allows quick assignment of multiple qForm-derived documents. Please click on DOWNLOAD above to obtain the tool and a document that explains the installation.

Installation and setup

1. Unzip the attached file and run the installer.
2. From the Start menu, find the Bulk Assignment Tool in the Qdabra folder in your Programs and click the program to start it.
3. In the Settings tab, enter the URL to your DBXL web service.
4. In the Settings tab you can customize the Status values that will be listed in the Bulk Assignment tab. For the moment, we will simply use the Use a status preset dropdown to select qForm classic.
5. In the Settings tab, click on the Get Types button and select the Document Type you wish to modify from the dropdown.


6. Click on the Bulk Assignment tab. In the top section, called Filters, use Status and Assigned to name to filter the list of documents that will be displayed by the tool.
7. Once you have established your filter(s), click on the (Re)Load Data button. This will list the documents that match your filter(s), one per row.
8. Select each document that you wish to modify. You may use Control + mouse click to select more than one row, or Control + A to select all.
9. Click on List assignees to populate the dropdowns and text fields with the available user aliases and names.
10. In the Bulk assignment section, select the Assign to alias and Assign to name. Note that by selecting one, the other field will be automatically selected. Also note that you can type in the desired values if the desired option is not shown in the dropdowns.
11. Select a New status for the selected documents. Alternatively, you can select Assignment Only: DO NOT CHANGE STATUS.
12. Click the Bulk Assign button to reassign the selected documents. You will receive a confirmation dialog indicating the number of documents you will be modifying. Click Yes to proceed or No to cancel. When the Bulk operation is complete, you will see a confirmation dialog. Click OK to dismiss it. If you checked the Refresh data after assignment checkbox in the Settings tab, then the list of documents will automatically reload based on your filter.

That’s it – your documents have now been reassigned!

Note that the tool can also be used for bulk changes in Status. Accomplish this by selecting the same user –but different Status values- in the Filters and Bulk Assignment sections.


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