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Repeating Table Conditional Formatting Issue

Just a quick post to let you know about an issue I ran across recently.

I had a repeating table in a form where some of the columns had shading. We decided to remove the column shading and go to an alternate row shading using conditional formatting. I selected the table and selected "No Fill" for the shading, then added a rule for the conditional formatting. Easy, right?


My conditional formatting never appeared to be applied.

I reproduced this in a simple form (attached here - save the file locally, right click and select design, then preview and add rows to see the tables). 

If a table has had its shading set, even to no fill, conditional formatting that should shade the rows won't apply.

Here is my table where I have not set the shading:
Table with formatting 

And a table with the exact same condition on it where I set the shading to no fill:
Table where formatting is not applied 

You can recreate your table, or you can fix this in the view files. I had a lot of time already invested in my form design and had a number of tables affected, so there was NO WAY I was recreating them. Save your form as source files, and remove the background color attribute from the table cells:
View file with background color attribute 

I know I don't have to tell you to back up your form prior to working with form source files.... 


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