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  • Removing qRules from a Form

    Adding qRules to your form is simple -- just browse to your form and click Inject and you are done! But what if you want to remove qRules for some reason?

    Currently, that is a manual process, but it can be done.

    First, use the Logic Inspector to find any rules that are using the Command node from the QdabraRules data connection:
    Logic Inspector

    That will help you better understand what will need to change after you remove qRules. Next, you will need to remove one or two data connections, depending on your version of qRules. If you have the trial version, you'll need to remove both the QdabraRules and the QdabraRulesValidation data connections. If you are using a purchased version, you will only need to remove the QdabraRules data connection:
    Data Connections

    Next, navigate to Tools / Resource Files:
    Resource Files

    Remove the QdabraRules.xml file:
    Resource File

    Finally, we need to remove the .dll that contains the qRules logic. The easiest way to do this is to add code to your form. For example, add a loading event:
    Loading Event

    Close the Microsoft Visual Studio Tools for Applications window that opens after adding the event, then navigate to Tools / Form Options:
    Tools Form Options

    Go to the Programming category, select the Remove Code buttton to remove all code from your form:
    Remove Code

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