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Content Type Update Issue in SharePoint 2016

We saw an issue recently updating a content type in a SharePoint 2016 subsite. The error InfoPath returned on publish was "InfoPath has encountered an error. The operation failed. The parameter is incorrect."

Error Dialog 

Using Fiddler while attempting to publish, we noticed that not all content types were being returned from the library where they were stored when InfoPath queried for them. Turns out the view item limit was restricting the number of items returned to the query, so the content type we were trying to update wasn't being found:

Fiddler Screenshot with Item Count parameter 

Changing the default view for the library with the content type templates to include all items (i.e., increasing the item limit for the view) resolved this, and the content type could be updated successfully. In the SharePoint 2013 environment previously in use, this issue did not occur, so if you recently moved to SharePoint 2016 and have the same error updating content types - increase the default view limit and try again! 


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