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qRules SubmitToSharePointList Command - General Mapping Overview

Before I go into too much depth on using the SubmitToSharePointList command in qRules 4.2, I thought it might be helpful to provide a brief overview on how the command works.

At it's most basic, the command requires:

  1. A submit data connection to the SharePoint Lists web service's UpdateListItems method
  2. A mapping file indicating the connection between the InfoPath form and the SharePoint list
  3. A data connection to the mapping file

The mapping file is used by the command code to discern the following:

  1. The URL for the SharePoint server for the list the data should submit to
  2. The GUID of the SharePoint list to submit the data to
  3. The form field to list column connection for the data

Here's what the mapping XML looks like for a 4.2 mapping - marked up to help you understand the data:

In the screenshot below, I've expanded the "Products" mapping so you can see how the mapping changes when we are mapping repeating data:

So - if there is an XPath in the RepeatingGroup node, all the other FormField values need to be relative to that XPath. That is - starting at the my:Product node (using the example above), how do we get to the my:Name field inside the group? Starting at the my:Product node, how do we get to the my:ShpId located here: my:myFields/my:Category/my:ShpId?

And you thought this was going to be boring!

Next up - a tutorial on actually using the 4.2 version of the SubmitToSharePointList command.



Hilary Stoupa said:

qRules 4.2 is coming soon, and with it - big changes to the SubmitToSharePointList command! But wait

June 25, 2012 4:17 PM

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