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userName() and Sandbox

You may have gotten the feeling from my latest flurry of cranky and short IPFS related posts that I've been struggling with browser forms a bit lately. You would be correct.

I had a 2010 form with code that I published as sandboxed to my SharePoint 2010 install. I was using the userName() function in a loading rule (to set a field to the user's name, of course). My form threw an error on open - you can find a similar issue outlined here. Apparently the necessary SPClaimProviderManager was not available for sandboxed code.

In our environment, the December 2011 cumulative updates fixed the issue.


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I wandered into development after working as a business process analyst for a global manufacturing company. I create InfoPath solutions for our clients as well as work as a developer on company tools that extend InfoPath. I've also been instrumental in creating the InfoPath Master Class training provided by Qdabra.

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