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FormsViewer - Better Browser Forms

Qdabra Software has created an InfoPath Alternative called FormsViewer, the only app that preserves and extends your existing investment.

Why FormsViewer?
  • Migrate your forms in place, i.e. "as is" – no change to templates or data (you can keep InfoPath as an edit option)
  • Enter data more quickly, forms run faster in the browser because we’ve removed the "sending data to server" for form logic
  • Speed up your design process, no more "Publish" required; just drag and drop your templates to SharePoint for rapid testing and deployment
  • ... and so much more!
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Qdabra is Hiring: Software Tester

Are you satisfied with how things work today?
Or are you the type of person that must say how things should work in an ideal universe?
Do you keep your coders jumping while playing bug volleyball?
Are you a stickler for specifying bug repro steps in the most unassailable way?
Are you ready to work for a small company?

Qdabra is seeking a software tester with 4-5 years of test experience. We’re a virtual company and need a candidate who is proactive about communicating status. Your commute is as long as it takes to walk to your computer and we don’t care if you prefer working in pajamas. That’s your business.

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InfoPath Training

Qdabra offers a variety of online and in-person training class options from InfoPath 101 for beginners to Master level for advanced users. Click here to check out all of our class offerings.

Run Code with Rules!

Qdabra qRules
Free qRules trial is available.

qRules makes it easy to add code to your InfoPath forms. Just add a new rule to the user interface in InfoPath to run qRules code commands.

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Recent Forum Posts

  • Re: Make a field "conditional" mandatory??

    Got it! I re-uploaded the form and it fixed that - but then I was getting a validation error even if I filled in the field, but that turned out to be a stupid typo. At any rate, I had never played with validation rules before, so thank you! It fixed my issue.
    Posted to General (Forum) by Daryl K on 01-21-2019
  • Re: Make a field "conditional" mandatory??

    Hmm, seems simple enough, but I am missing something. I added the rule "validation" and the condition was the same as those which make that section visible, but I can still save and close the form with that field blank and I get no error.
    Posted to General (Forum) by Daryl K on 01-21-2019
  • Re: Error uploading form template to SharePoint central admin.

    That's so odd - that's the message we'd expect to see if you were trying to upload the version you'd been designing, not the published version. So - I'm sure you have made double sure that you are actually browsing to the published file, not the one you were making changes to - but double check that. Then I guess I'd test with...
    Posted to General (Forum) by Hilary Stoupa on 01-21-2019
  • Re: Updating InfoPath Form Template

    Awesome, thanks! I do indeed have InfoPath Designer installed, and that appears to have worked. Much easier than I anticipated. : )
    Posted to Newbie Questions (Forum) by bcanfield83 on 01-21-2019
  • Re: Make a field "conditional" mandatory??

    You just need to use a validation rule. What ever the conditions are under which the section should show would be the condition for the field to be required. See attached sample - save locally, right click and select design, then you can preview, etc. Instead of hiding the sections, I've set the background color so you can easily see when the field...
    Posted to General (Forum) by Hilary Stoupa on 01-21-2019

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