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  • Loop Through Workflow in SP List

    I've tried to create a loop through workflow that will update the 'Date Last Inspected' column in a SP List whenever a new infopath web form is uploaded to a SP library. Each form that is uploaded to the corresponding SP form library has a unique ID. When a form is uploaded the workflow should...
    Posted to Workflow (Forum) by Curtis on 05-19-2018
  • Workflow approved issue

    Hi all, I’m having a strange issue when trying to send an approval via a workflow to colleagues on a share point, which my infopath form is intergrated. I’ve been able to use the workflow fine before and currently no other colleagues are having the issue. When I open up any workflow, and try to put...
    Posted to SharePoint Integration (Forum) by Fitchet86 on 04-19-2018
  • 'Today' Column with SPD 2013 Workflow

    I have recently converted to SharePoint 2013. I have found information that implies SP2013 can now display a column that auto-populates the current date everyday (see link below). I have formulated a list with a 'Current' column, in which I would like the attached workflow to populate the current...
    Posted to Workflow (Forum) by Curtis on 04-12-2018
  • Multiple Item (Loop) Updating

    To date I have been working with SP10. We have recently migrated to SP13. I have a systems list (by Location No.), with certain columns (Last Inspected and Reported By), that are auto-updated through a SP workflow when a web based InfoPath form is submitted by the user. In SP10 I would use the list Asset...
    Posted to Workflow (Forum) by Curtis on 01-19-2018
  • Save and Continue InfoPath with SharePoint workflow

    I am trying to implement a "Save and Continue" functionality in my InfoPath form. The problem is outlined in steps below. 1. On the Save button in InfoPath it sets the value of a hidden field named FileName and saves the file to the document library as UserName + DateTime 2. SharePoint workflow...
    Posted to General (Forum) by ScottSaari on 10-12-2017
  • how to send values of two seperate repeating table into one textfield via workflow?

    I want to store values of two repeating tables into one text box in SharePoint form library.I have two repeating tables with text fields. I concatenated the values of each row of each repeating table into one text box field using the formula: concat("-", field2)and I promoted this concat field...
    Posted to General (Forum) by azadeh on 08-18-2017
  • Email Workflow

    I have a personnel list with several qualification columns. Each qualification has a corresponding Status column (status can be either Compliant or Noncompliant). The status columns (basically the entire sheet), are updated once a week through the use of a calculated column. I am trying to create a workflow...
    Posted to Workflow (Forum) by Curtis on 05-17-2017
  • Send a Form Link via Workflow

    Overview How about approving workflow requests via email with one click? With Qdabra's easy-to-install FormsViewer app, you can do this and more. Wouldn't it make even more sense to approve workflows from a phone without having to login to SharePoint? Well, now with FormsViewer, even external...
    Posted to Mel Balsamo (Weblog) by Mel Clemente on 03-11-2017
  • Workflow to Update multiple Dates

    I have a Equipment list that includes Bldg No, Asset No, Date of Last Inspection, and Inspection Status. The list unique identifier is the Bldg No. The Bldg No may appear several times on the list, based on the number of pieces of equipment in the building. The data from several inspection forms, by...
    Posted to Workflow (Forum) by Curtis on 02-21-2017
  • Calculating Group Total and Pushing to Aggregate List

    1. I have a Regional Compliance List that tracks 'Total Systems' and 'Total Systems Inspected' 2. Both totals are currently updated by me, manually 3. There are several forms that the user can use to upload various system inspection forms to various libraries 4. I have created workflows...
    Posted to Workflow (Forum) by Curtis on 01-18-2017
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