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Adding Intranet Sites to IE Trusted Sites Makes IE Zone Internet

Managed code forms that use simple code like System.Environment.Username will fail with a security exception for form templates with domain trust when launched from an Internet IE zone.

Here are the options:

  1. Remove Trusted Site setting for the intranet site.
    • Pro: this is the best approach since intranet sites shouldn't have to be added to Trusted Sites.
    • Con: could be lots of work if you have other solutions that require IE Trusted Sites.
  2. Make InfoPath form template full trust and require digital certificates and signing.
    • Pro: this is another recommended solution.
    • Con: digital certificates can require a lot of configuration and installation; adoption still low.
  3. Move form libraries to a different server.
    • Pro: this is a workaround that gives us ultimate independence and flexibility.
    • Con: it’s more work to move the form library.
  4. Create a .NET Deployment MSI for Machine code group.
    • Pro: this is an easy thing to do.
    • Con: overwrites the existing .NET Machine settings for all clients where it is installed.


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