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  • Task Panes that Access Managed Code Require Full Trust Security

    Managed code forms that have a custom task pane require full trust security. Unfortunately, you won't be able to make it domain trust since there are security restrictions. InfoPath will let some JScript forms run with a task pane in Domain trust, but for managed code I believe you have to be full trust, since the code in the task pane has access to the managed code and managed code runs with a higher security context.

    JScript forms with a task pane shouldn't have to be full trust since JScript code doesn't run in a secure context like managed code does.

    More details:

    The HTML Window object in the task pane requires full trust full trust security. You will need full trust in most cases because you probably want to do something against the Trident (Internet Explorer's rendering engine, MSHTML.DLL) document and that goes beyond InfoPath OM wrappers to call into unmanaged code. For that you will need full trust security.

    Some of this is documented in the SDK, but is relatively obscure.

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