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  • qRules 2.3 Coming Soon!

    In our upcoming 2.3 release we've added a boat load of new commands inspired by InfoPath fans everywhere.

    New features:

    • Set Caption – set the title bar of your InfoPath form (client only) to something descriptive. No more "form1" etc. You can dynamically set the form's title as the user is filling out the fields. Help users remember which InfoPath windows contain which forms. 
    • Attach To Share PointList – save attachments (files and images) to SharePoint lists as items. Then replace the attachments in your form with a link to reduce size of your XML and make open and submit super fast across any network.
    • Generate Random Number – need to generate a random number for an InfoPath quiz or survey form? This is for you.
    • Get Environment – returns Mobile, Browser, or Client. Use with SetDefaultView to choose which view a form opens with depending on the environment.
    • Refresh SharePoint List Items – use in tandem with Submit To Share Point List to update list items with most recent edits to the list. Supports changes, including deletes. Can be used in either report or update mode. 
    • Get Full Date Time – returns milliseconds for people who want to use date time as a unique ID. Supports optional format.
    • Set Default View – switch view on open using Get Input Parameters or Get Environment to choose a different view to set as default
    • Set Save – gives the form designer access to a variety of previously code-only save options, such as dynamically allowing save, or setting the save location (client only)

    We've also updated our existing commands to make them more powerful and easy to use.

    Updated commands:

    • Submit To SharePoint List – now supports rich text round-tripping to SharePoint lists! We added new parameters to include attachments (single and repeating). Also includes all the options available for Attach To Share Point List (mapping must be created with updated IPToShP List tool)
    • Save To SharePoint – new option to provide data source to SharePoint’s Copy Web Service to allow saving images or files to a different server than where the form resides (no more cross domain issues)
    • Copy Table – fix to prevent the view from being left in a non-updatable state.
    • IPToShP List tool – adds ability to mark a field as rich text for use in submit to SharePoint list OR when using the tool as stand alone
    • qRules Injector – new ability to choose if you want browser or client compat; if you choose client, you can also use SetSave & SetCaption.

    Help us beta test over the next week and receive a big discount!

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