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New! qRules v2.4 Form Flags Sample Form

 The qRules Form Flags sample form features the following qRules Commands:

  • IsNew - checks if form is new and sets the form version to '0'. This form version increments as changes are made to the form.
  • IsDirty - checks if the form has changed. If there are no changes and user clicks Save/Submit, the form will not save/submit to the server.
  • SetDirty - resets the IsDirty flag to 'false' on successful submit to allow further changes the next time the form is opened.
  • IsReadOnly - checks if the form is currently opened by another user and prevents save/submit if so.
  • ClearErrors - clears validation errors to allow users to save the form regardless if the required fields have been completed or not.
  • GetErrorCount - counts the number of validation errors in the form; if present, users will not be allowed to submit.
  • SetCaption - sets the form title to the form's name in the SharePoint library.
  • SetSave - prevents File > Save to the SharePoint library.
  • Bonus:
    • Checks if a newer version exists on the server.
    • Detects the form status (Saved/Submitted), version and DocID which are all displayed on the form's footer.
Click here to download the sample form.
Published Dec 31 2010, 02:06 PM by Mel Clemente
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