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  • Add a dog ear to your form

    From this:


    To this:


    That looks like a "dog ear" to me, pretty much.

    Adding this requires a little knowledge with Adobe Photoshop, but the steps should be straight-forward. So, if you're ready – grab the PSD file here.

    1. Open QdHeader.psd in Adobe Photoshop.

    2. From the Layers pane, select Corner.


    This will select the "dog ear" image from the canvas.


    3. From the vertical toolbar menu, set the foreground color to your desired border color – let's pick red for this example.


    4. Select the paint bucket tool.


    5. Click the border portion of the dog ear to color it.


    6. Repeat the same steps for the right, left and top borders, selecting the layer first and then using the paint bucket tool to change the color.

    7. You can change the remaining yellow-colored portion of the "dog ear" to match your form view's background color, like so


    8. You can also change the gradient overlay color to match your desired theme:


    9. Finally, add your company logo, slogan, etc. to add branding to your form.


    10. That's it! You can just save the file as an image and add it to your form.

    You should now have a very neat header for use in all your forms. Enjoy!

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