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  • qRules and SharePoint-related Commands


    Have you ever wanted to be able to add InfoPath form data to SharePoint list? Sure, promoted properties in your form library are fine – for one layer deep data. Real world data often has one to many relationships, however (think Customers and Orders, or Orders and Products), and SharePoint and InfoPath like to handle that by mushing all your nicely organized information into semi-colon delimited lists. Not so pretty, not so useful.

    Perhaps you also have attachments in your form that you’d like added to existing list items, speeding up your form by keeping it sleek and having the attachments out of the XML where they are easier to find. InfoPath and SharePoint won’t do this for you, but qRules can.

    What about updating your list items in your InfoPath form if they were changed after the form was submitted and items were submitted to your list? Wouldn’t that be great? You could have the best of both worlds.

    Value Proposition

    You could write code to submit your list items. You could even add a secondary data connection to your form to help you generate CAML and submit repeating items one at a time. Of course, that means you have to write and maintain code, or ever worse, rely on your users to push the “Submit” button on each item. They’d never forget to do that, right?

    With qRules, you can easily add the ability to submit information from your form to a list or to two lists. You can map the fields you want to submit. You can use additional commands to add any attachments to the list items. And, if you want, qRules will even refresh the list items in the form with the latest from the list. qRules consists of modular commands that you can leverage together to create powerful forms with all the features that custom code provides and none of the maintenance that custom code carries along with it.


    • qRules v2.3
    • Access to the SharePoint List you wish to submit items to
    • InfoPath To SharePoint List tool for mapping (this tool is provided with qRules)
    • Note: This document was written for SharePoint 2007. If you run into questions when trying these steps for SharePoint 2010, please contact support at qdabra dot com.

    Click on this link to download the documentation that covers the following qRules commands:

    • SubmitToSharePointList
    • RefreshSharePointListItems
    • AttachToSharePointList
    • Extra: SharePoint DeleteAttachment operation

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