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Qdabra’s AdUserInfo XTP

Qdabra’s AdUserInfo template part is useful for solutions that require sending of forms via email. Populate your ‘From’ and ‘To’ fields with valid email addresses that are retrieved from the Active Directory.


This is how the template part looks in InfoPath Preview mode:

Clicking the ‘Click to Get Your Info’ button retrieves the current user’s AD information and stores the name, alias and email address in the XML.

In the text box on the right, enter a valid alias for the user you wish to send email to. After tabbing out, that user’s AD info is retrieved using Qdabra’s Active Directory Web Service. This way, we are assured that the form will be sent to a valid email address.


  1. Launch InfoPath and select Design a Form Template based on a new blank one.
  2. In the Controls taskpane, click Add or Remove Custom Controls… 
  3. In the Custom Controls dialog box, click Add > Template Part, and browse to the location where you placed your AdUserInfo XTP. 
  4. Verify that the XTP has been added to your Custom Controls taskpane. 
  5. Drag the XTP from taskpane to your canvas. You will see the following section: 
  6. Your Main Data Source should look similar to this:

  7. Go to Tools > Data Connections. You will see that there are two data connections that got added as well.
  8. These data connections retrieve data using Qdabra’s Active Directory Web Service. If you already have DBXL installed, you can use the AD web service that comes with it.

  9. Modify the data connections and replace the URLs to point to the location of your web service installation, i.e. http://<YourServerName>/QdabraWebService/AdUserInfo.asmx. If you are using Qdabra’s AD Standalone Tool, replace the web service URL in the format: http://<YourServerName>/QdabraAD/AdUserInfo.asmx.
  10. As you modify your data connections, you might want to remove ‘_AdUserInfo’ in the data connection names. Those got appended when you injected the XTPs.

When done with the above steps, you can start testing your form template in Preview mode.

Download Qdabra's AD User Info XTP for FREE here.


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