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Qdabra Vertical Tabs Template Part

This blog post provides the steps on how to create an InfoPath form that switches views through vertical tabs. When you’ve followed all those steps and have successfully created your own InfoPath form with vertical tabs, you’ll probably use this technique when designing your forms going forward. It’ll be more cool to have a template part that’s readily available from your InfoPath Custom Controls so you can easily add vertical tabs in your forms.

Qdabra has packaged this template part for you so you can add vertical tabs in your InfoPath solutions anytime, in as many form templates as you want, in a single click!

And not only that!

We’re aware that template parts don’t inherit the color scheme of its destination form. Instead, your template part section will remain to have the default, not-so-exciting Blue theme, when everything else in your form is gray, or burgundy, purple, or what have you. If you wish to change the vertical tabs’ color scheme to match your entire form’s, you will have to edit the styles in each of your layout tables and controls, or worse, tinker with the XSL files and hand-edit them.

Qdabra’s Vertical Tabs XTP is designed to acquire color schemes. We’ve done it all for you!

So if I want the Gray theme:

or Burgundy:

or the Purple Sage theme:

I can pick whichever in a single click.

Cool, eh?

The Vertical Tabs package includes the template part (XTP), along with a user guide and a sample InfoPath form template (XSN) to get you started. Click here to purchase the package.



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