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Prevent Button Borders from Appearing Bold

You might encounter a situation where a button in your view appears to have a bold border, as shown in Figure 1. Traditionally in the Microsoft Windows operating system, a bold border designates a default button—meaning it is the one that is activated by default when you press Enter assuming you haven't changed the focus to another button. This is not the case here, as InfoPath does not utilize default buttons.

The issue stems from a design flaw in the rendering of the Windows XP style button control, and does not occur in the Windows Classic style. When the width of the Windows XP style button reaches 192px, the border renders differently, making it appear bold. This is also true if the height of the button reaches 87px.

Figure 1. Button borders appear bold when at widths greater than 191px.

If this is visual artifact is an issue for you then you need to do what it takes to keep the width of the button below 192px, and the height of the button below 87px. This might mean modifying the button label text, or manually sizing the button.

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Published Jun 13 2005, 10:38 AM by Greg Collins
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