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Enable InfoPath E-Mail Features

Most people will never run into this problem, but a few of you will and it could drive you nuts.

The InfoPath application includes the e-mail features Send Form As Attachment in the designer, and Send To Mail Recipient in the editor. These are both found under the File menu. If for some reason these are not present, one or more issues will need to be resolved. The three most likely issues are as follows:

  1. Outlook is not installed.
  2. Outlook does has no configured profile.
  3. Outlook in not the default e-mail client.

InfoPath 2003 requires Outlook 2003—an older version simply will not work. If either of these two situations are present on your machine, the above e-mail features will not only be disabled, but they will not appear in the menus at all. The Submit Data As An E-Mail Message data connection might still work, but it also might not.

To enable these InfoPath e-mail features, correct the above issues by ensuring that Outlook 2003 is both installed and set as the default e-mail client.

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Published Jul 28 2004, 10:26 AM by Greg Collins
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